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    News — Bath and Body

    Our Favorite Bathroom Organizers

    Our Favorite Bathroom Organizers
    If your like us, I’m guessing that most of your Mr. B’s and other bath and body items live in your bathroom. We try to keep our bathroom clutter free, and only have the necessities (pun intended) of bath and body care. Even so, it’s easy for our small medicine cabinet to be full and for things to start piling on the counter. Here are some of our favorite vessels...

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    Mr. B's One Month Deodorant Detox

    Have you heard the news? We have an awesome new all natural deodorant! Our Mr.  B's all natural deodorant is chock full of great natural odor fighting ingredients and essential oils. After one month of using it, you’ll never want to go back to regular deodorant. Almost all deodorants and antiperspirants, even most of the ones that say “all-natural,” have harmful chemical additives. We believe that it is not a great idea...

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