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    5 Surprising Uses for Essential Oils in Your Home

    Although essential oils have been used therapeutically for about 6,000 years (the Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese used them for everything from drugs to cosmetics), it’s only been recently that they’ve entered mainstream knowledge in the United States. Today, it’s easy to get your hands on essential oils, and many people use them for aromatherapy. However, you may not realize some key essential oils uses out there. Here’s our list of...

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    Recent Happenings from Our Shop Partners

    Opening a brick and mortar shop was not on our original plan with Mr. B's, but through an opportunity that pretty much fell into our laps, we got partnered up with the amazing Julie from Rais Case and we opened a tiny little work and retail space (so tiny that we nicknamed it the closet) in Del Mar. We also very trendily coined it the work/shop collective. Through another move...

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    The Secret to a Lasting Marriage

    Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we have been reflecting on life and love. As a married couple with young children and a growing business, sometimes quality time can take the back burner. We are devoted to loving one another and our marriage and working at making sure we are thriving as a couple, but it can be difficult amidst the busyness of day to day life. So what’s the secret...

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    Things We're Into in February

    February. It's a good month. The last full month of winter, and we are soaking it up. Here's some things, in no certain order, and with not a lot of rhyme or reason, of what we're into this month: Anything by J.R.R. Tolkein, but more specifically, The Hobbit, since we are currently reading it. This lovely new hat by  we picked up from our shop partner Julie of Rais Case....

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    Aromatherapy Through the Ages: A Brief History

    The term "aromatherapy" is often used when discussing holistic and natural remedies, but do you know the origins of the practice? There is a rich history behind aromatherapy; it is an art form as much as it is a healing practice that has been used for many years. Also referred to as essential oil therapy, aromatherapy is most simply defined as "the use of plant materials and aromatic plant oils...

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