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    Nature’s Remedy – How Aromatherapy Can Help With Common Health Issues

    Aromatherapy is a wonderful, all natural alternative form of medicine that can aid in remedying many health issues. The aromas in plant materials and concentrated oils are powerful tools that address specific physical and psychological symptoms. Essential oils have been used for therapeutic purposes for over 6,000 years, but people are just now rediscovering their amazing benefits. Read below to see how essential oils can assist with three of the...

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    Getting Started with Essential Oils? Get the 'Essentials' on These Scents

    Whether you're interested in aromatherapy or you simply prefer to smell nice, by now you've likely come across products made with essential oils. But what are these oils, and what are they used for? These products actually have a myriad of purposes, and they are used in a number of high quality candles, soaps, and beauty products as well. If you've been thinking about buying essential oil in some form...

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    Mr. B's Holiday Table

    Call us old fashioned, but we love the look of a finely dressed holiday table. And we’ve discovered that it does not take much to pull together a great and festive looking table. We had the chance to style two different table options using our candles and we love how it turned out. We’d love to share some of the photos with you. And we'd like to remind you, while...

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    Best Christmas Album Ever

    It's amazing how music can set the tone, change our mood, and help moments become lasting memories. And Christmas music is no exception. We love popping a holiday album on the player while we're relaxing at home or driving in the car. Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio is always our go to choice this season. This album, with its jazz-minimalist, piano/bass/drum sound, has nostalgia written all over it....

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    Yummiest No Sugar Hot Cocoa Recipe

    It just feels right this time of year to be sitting on the couch under a cozy blanket, Christmas music on the stereo and hot chocolate in hand. This time of year the sugar consumption can also be at an all time high. In the last few years, we have been lessening the sugar consumption of our family. We have an agave sweetened hot chocolate recipe that we created that...

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