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    Become an Ambassador: 
    We don’t like gimmicks and shy away from silly marketing avenues that try and twist arms or trick people into buying items they don’t need. What we do like is being able to share our plant-based bath and body products with folks who could really benefit from them. Over the years we found that our most devout customers (the ones who have become like friends to us) love to share our products too. In fact, we couldn’t stop them from spreading the word about Mr. B’s if we tried, so we decided to help them out. Thus the ambassador program was born. The name might sound a little formal, but that’s exactly what our friends and customers are: ambassadors who spread the word about these simple, natural Necessities that they love so very much. If you are interested in becoming a Mr. B's Ambassador, here is the nitty gritty:
    1. As a Mr. B’s Ambassador you will get get 40% off all regular priced items, at our Oceanside, CA location and 30% off all online orders, for as long as you remain an ambassador. 
    2. You will also be given business-card-sized coupon flyers for 30% off online first orders to give to friends and family along with samples. We want to make it easy for you to share the products you love and easy for your friends and family to get their hands on some more Mr. B’s.
    3. Perhaps the best part of all, you will get to be a part of the behind the scenes of Mr. B’s. You’ll get to join us for exclusive events, and will have access to new products before they are released.


    If you think this would be a good fit for you, please send us a message below and we will get the ball rolling.